Finally Got My Supplement Stack and Photo Update

After landing back in Vancouver Canada from living in Costa Rica for the past 4 years, the first thing that I did was order some new supplements from Supplements Canada, as you can see from the photo below. I also ordered a case for keeping the pills and multi vitamins organized.

The photo of myself in the mirror is 2 days ago at the start of my weighted ab-exercise program to build thick dense muscle, which will tighten my skin around my waste and stomach, and give me a better physique model look. Doing body weight core exercises does not build thick dense muscle, just makes you skinnier.

The other photo of me smiling is during a recent walk on the seawall in White Rock, which is the southern most point of Greater Vancouver. Of course the gym is the best place to get rowdy and build your body, but getting outside into nature is equally important for overall happiness and wellbeing. Train hard my brothers and sister.

Adrian Eden mirror posing and flexing ab muscles

Adrian Eden smiling in White Rock

Adrian Eden supplement stack

Organized supplements Adrian Eden

Photos From Training Chest and Triceps Today

I am really focusing hard on building up the areas of my body that are lacking, in this case my chest was the topic of the day. Most people who do fitness or bodybuild already have an amazing chest (and arms), but I have historically mainly done olympic lifting and squats, so I definitely need to work through my weak points (chest/arms). As I progress through from now until the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2014 in Vancouver, I will keep updated content so you can see my transformation and the amount of heart and sweat that goes into living this lifestyle. Crush the weights, eat clean, follow your dreams.

Vancouver Fitness Model Adrian Eden

Vancouver Fitness Model Adrian Eden 2

Vancouver Fitness Model Adrian Eden 3

Vancouver Fitness Model Adrian Eden 4

Memories at Steve Nash Sports Club

Many years ago I joined Steve Nash Sports Club, in fact I do believe I was one of the first members at their flagship location on Granville street downtown Vancouver. At the time it was the only Steve Nash Sports Club, as they had yet to acquire Fitness World or expand to other locations. It felt exclusive, raw, honest.

I remember the bright vibrant red of the weights and machines, would often fill my dreams and make me fantasize about becoming some kind of god-like fitness being. I was working a desk job at the time of joining the gym those many years ago, which I loved, but I was surrounded by complacent people who were victims of life and their own decisions.

It is far too easy to go across the street into a food court or stop at a local fast food spot for lunch. But I knew that was not the best way forward for me. Packing lunches of steamed broccoli with steak, and 2 oranges, and bananas, was my daily routine. Sacrifice, pain, destiny.

I brought my gym bag everywhere that I went in life, to the office, on the skytrain, to my friends house. It was as much a part of me as my hands or feet, at the time, and now.

Steve Nash Sports Club helped me find myself those many years ago, I would leave work from the office building in front of water front station, you know that chrome and glass looking building. And walk up the street and across to the gym. Making eye contact and smiling with the yuppies who live and work downtown, but not receiving that back. I was surrounded by hollow soulless people.

It was my addiction, and now that Steve Nash Sports Clubs have grown to many locations across greater Vancouver, I can enjoy that pull and inner love feeling wherever my new life takes me. Options, clarity.

The sheer abundance of machines and weights available are second to none. The Stairmasters beckon me from across the room. The pain to come is muted by my love for the moment, the zest of pushing myself to my limits. No boundaries.

There is something incredibly sexual and beast-like about working out to the maximum possible threshold your body can handle, and to that degree, Steve Nash Sports Clubs are the provider of my lifeblood. I cannot wait to set foot in the gym on Granville street again after all of these years. Arrival.

Smoothie Recipe: Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Ginger

From time to time I love to switch up my breakfast routine, drinking a tall very filling fruit smoothie. This recipe is quite easy, fast, and of course will fill you with tons of vigor to fight through the day/workout. Don’t get scared to drink an entire blender filled with this nectar of the gods, if you workout hard you will need the calories and sugars.


-thick slice of fresh cut pineapple (not canned)
-a whole large banana (the big Dole ones)
-an entire large fresh orange (can be mandarin or a “normal” one)
-slivers of sliced ginger (not processed, but raw root ginger)

Put this all together in a blender with fresh water, and blend it into a fine juice paste.

That it’s, down the smoothie with BCAA’s, Arginine, and Caffeine pills prior to your workout for maximum energy.

To your health and happiness!

Fitness Model Adrian Eden Photos March 2014

It has been many years since I have taken my fitness seriously, as a lifestyle. Far too many.

After ending a long term relationship with the mother of my first son, and deciding to relocate back to Vancouver Canada from Costa Rica where I have been living for the past 4 years, I am undertaking my destiny. Following through.

From the posting of this first blog article, I will be preparing for the 2014 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic.

I met someone online recently who I have connected with deeply and will be going through this journey alongside. Together.

A body and mind transformation is underway. After losing 60lbs in the past 5 months, renewed vigor fills my soul. Strength.

I will become the top fitness model in Vancouver, most well known face of fitness, and of course have the hardest abs. This will come from hard work and my internet marketing experience. Unison.

This is my destiny, this is my life. Below are some photos of recent and I will upload more ongoing in the future. Progress.

Fitness Model Adrian Eden March 2014

Fitness Model Adrian Eden March 2014 2

Fitness Model Adrian Eden March 2014 4

Fitness Model Adrian Eden March 2014 3