10 Reasons Local SEO Agencies Setup Company Offices in Maple Ridge B.C.

Community Event downtown Maple Ridge BC Canada
Downtown Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

Whether you are looking for link-building from authority on topic websites, content marketing using rich semantic language, onpage SEO architecture redesigns, or a mix of methods for search engine optimization, you will find local companies in Maple Ridge setup their agency offices here for the following 10 reasons. At the bottom of the article there are links to a number of local options to consider.

Local Amenities

There are tons of local amenities from restaurants, to gyms, clubs, groups, organizations, and more. Everything is within walking distance if you live in the downtown core of Haney area.

Public Services

Maple Ridge has a number of Government services and a Service BC centre adjacent to the ACT centre and public pool. As well there is a strong RCMP presence, plenty of coverage with fire and ambulance. You can find food programs for families who are struggling to make ends meet or just need a helping hand.


There is a B-Line bus route 701, meaning straight shot between stops, that picks up on the North side of Haney Place Mall, and brings you directly to Coquitlam Centre, which allows access to the Greater Vancouver wide skytrain line and bus network of Translink.

Nature and Outdoors

Minutes from downtown Maple Ridge are a number of parks, trails, and nature areas. The most popular being Kanaka Creek Park, Golden Ears Park, Whonnock Lake Park, and more. You can literally find all outdoor activities within the area. From hiking, to fishing, boating, camping, hunting, dirtbikes, and all of the above. This city is heaven on earth for outdoor access.

High Value Living

In this community you can still get great deals on homes or condos versus elsewhere in Greater Vancouver, that is why companies like Left Digital are located here, so their staff can have a high value of living and focus on their careers and family. The average price for a 2 bedroom condo is still below $200K, which is unheard of anywhere else across the Fraser Valley.

Fresh Water + Air

The local tap water in the city and surrounding area is amazing, it tastes better than bottled water, and as fresh as water that runs from the surrounding glaciers into the rivers and fjords of the region. You can drink water directly from your tap and you do not get that chlorine flavor that you find in other areas of Greater Vancouver. On top of that, the air quality is outstanding given Maple Ridge is separated from the rest of Vancouver by a river, and surrounded by dense forests and parkland.

Moderate Operational Costs

If you are leasing office space for your local SEO agency or marketing company in Maple Ridge, you will find exceptional value for money spent. Likely you will find 2 or 3 times the floorspace for the same price that you would get in Vancouver, plus conveniences like plenty of parking. Given the high value living above, and the moderate operational costs, you can also find really talented local professionals who are willing to work for salaries that are less than in Vancouver, while still offering a high level of quality.

Access to Many Languages

As you may or may not know, Greater Vancouver is home to a very wide range of cultures and nationalities, which means you can find employees or contractors to hire that speak Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish and dozens of more languages. This is helpful as obviously having human resource assets in house is better for quality assurance and scaling your agency workload.

Safety and Privacy

Maple Ridge is relatively safe compared to other areas of Vancouver, there is not a lot of hard crime here, mainly petty theft and drug use is the predominant safety concern. There are also not a lot of high rises in the city yet, so you get tons of privacy with low condo buildings, townhouses, and plenty of space between streets and neighbourhoods.

Fast Infrastructure

There are a number of internet service providers in the area that are always competing for one another, so you can get exceptional value fast office internet for a sound price. Plus of course the variations of cell phone service providers who are also in the same way competing for your business. Take advantage of packages and bundles when you can and shop around to see the best value.

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