Adrian Eden at Search Engine Strategies 2009 in Toronto
Adrian Eden at Search Engine Strategies 2009 in Toronto
Adrian Eden has been developing websites using the WordPress content management system for nearly 14 years, initially starting his career in the online gaming sector mentoring with the worlds top talent in website design, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Over the years Adrian has developed some of the largest community websites for niche markets and niche industries around the world, specializing in media websites driven by crowd sourced social media sharing and influence with an emphasis on unique quality content, aggregation, and a mix of community input factors.

He has also built some of the fastest growing and most successful online stores in a number of industries. Converging his community building experience with expertise in eCommerce, building a tribe of loyal customers.

Chopping firewood on Vancouver Island Adrian Eden
Adrian Eden chopping firewood on Vancouver Island 2010
Adrian can execute your website design relatively quickly using framework and concepts that are explained with clear accuracy prior to beginning so you understand the semantics of your project, how much it will cost, and how long it will take before getting started.

As part of Adrian’s website development services he also provides documentation and guides for the website owner to manage their website after it has been finished so they can empower themselves with the ability to do things in house in an easy and straightforward manner.

Currently Adrian is building a local media website for the country of Canada and focussing on the real estate sector, however please contact him with your project details and he can find a solution that works for you. Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you on your website, design, hosting, and other business needs.

Adrian Eden public speaking about SEO in Vancouver Canada
Adrian Eden speaking at a Marketing Event Downtown Vancouver 2011
If you already have a website and are not sure what to do to bring things into 2017 and leverage all of the available technologies, Adrian also provides the service of reworking your existing properties and making them work unilaterally together for your ultimate goal and business objectives, streamlining things funnelling into the correct direction.

Don’t get lost in the hype of the internet and the smoke and mirrors concepts that many website developers use, contact Adrian Eden for real answers that you can understand delivered in a friendly and loving fashion.

*All projects first start with a detailed phone consultation with the client prior to pricing and timelines being delivered.