Graphic Design

If you are looking to have your logo, brand, affiliate banner, animated gif, business cards, or similar designed and turned into reality you have come to the right website. We design JPEG, GIF, PNG, Vector Graphics, and more.

We work with you to listen to your vision of your company during our phone consultation, and from there we refine the best way forward for your design needs. There is not a one size fits all design process, we do everything custom based on the needs of our clients, their timeline, and budget.

With that said, we have 14 years of experience designing everything from icons, to full page ads in magazines, to billboard advertisements the size of city blocks.

Many of our clients come back for many design projects during the course of their business needs, because we always execute fast and on budget.

Building a world class brand takes consideration into the marketplace and who you will be targeting. You also want your brand to be legible, smooth, and clear no matter how large or small the logo is. Meaning, the logo on a business card from 5 feet away should be recognizable and clear, in the same way that a billboard ad delivers the message.

A good brand considers the market leaders in the space, however also understanding new colours of popularity in other industries, and how colours make people feel.

We use Adobe creative suite and a list of other software to make sure your graphic design needs in Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada or anywhere around the world are executed on time and on budget.

Contact us today for a phone consultation so we can discuss your graphic design, logo, or branding needs.