Growing Pains

As children our thoughts are not rigid and systematic, we look at things with a sense of awe and wonder. We question everything and are open minded to things that would otherwise seem strange later in life. We have creativity and look forward to each day as it brings a new journey.

As we get older and turn into young adults our thought process becomes more repetitive. We lose the ability to question that way things are. I think this is partly due to capitalism ensuring that we must always be making money by any means necessary and when we find a path in which to do this we generally hold it close. I also think the public educational system is to blame, mostly teaching things that turn people into good employees, not the thought leaders of the future. A society of free thinkers is a dangerous thing, if the people making the calls in politics and law are doing things in an unjust fashion.

This same type of thing applies to the business cycle. I have worked for small and large companies. The small companies tend to be lighter on their feet and have the ability to react and change almost daily to any technological advances. Large companies are slow to react because too many people have to sign off on things. Growing pains happen not only to us as humans but also the companies that we represent in groups. It has always been the case that there is strength in numbers, but true strength comes from the ability to be open minded and listen to everyone on the team. The smallest people in the company on occasion have the best ideas, but the top people do not want to hear it for fear of being outdone or looking like less of a person. I think a sign of a good leader is someone who can admit they do not know everything and are willing to listen to everyone he or she leads before making a decision. This comes back to thinking outside the box and having a young soul that has not been tainted by the systems of life or aging. Understanding that you cannot control everything.

I recently made a decision to stop working for a multi-billion dollar company for this very reason, too many people in the way to get things done in a timely fashion and not enough heart and soul at the executive level. It felt like working for robots and no matter how hard you worked you just sat there spinning your wheels. So I decided to start out on my own path and create a business that I would like to work for every day. A place where I can work at my own pace, which happens to be very fast, but also a place where I can be young at heart and question the way things are. It was a tough decision to make but I feel reborn and ready for the future. It gives me the ability to work from home and spend lots of time with the family I plan to have. Doing the things that I did as a kid with my child is going to keep me young and nimble.

A box of Lego and a dream is all you really need.