Internet + Content Marketing

When you think of executing a successful online marketing plan you generally think of a mix on input factors to define the whole. Content marketing, SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media, email campaigns, display banners, cookie tracking, user experience design, and much more.

Generally leading with content delivered on a website, social media platform, email blast, or similar. That has a tight defined business objective delivered using well researched marketplace datasets.

Internet marketing and getting to the top of the SERPs requires either a good understanding of the ecosystem to leverage refinements and optimization within your industry or niche, or it requires a large budget so one can purchase pay per click ads in a competitive marketplace. Always ensuring the very long tail keywords and semantic search terms are covered and tested to optimize your pay per click spending and conversions.

We believe that the heart and soul of your business rests in the content, brand, and shopping experience of your website and thus defines the way people perceive and feel about your business. You cannot have a website that converts well with content that does not inspire people to act or provide enough information to round out decisions for the end user.

Think of your website content like all of the toppings someone orders on their Subway sandwich. Each person is so widely different in their needs, but they all want a sandwich and a sound value purchase. Working with the majority of the customers to give them the content they need to make decisions on their slightly varied end result.

Content marketing is an art form, carefully selecting words to disseminate your desired information. Mixed properly with all of the other areas of internet marketing, and you have a sound plan for moving your business forward online.

Contact us today for a phone consultation that we will use to hear about your business and make internet and content marketing suggestions while defining a plan for ultimate execution leading to success. We work with local businesses in Maple Ridge BC Canada and those around the world.