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*Hyper-local geotargeting proximity SEO for small and medium sized regional businesses in Maple Ridge British Columbia and around the world. Compete for ‘Near Me‘ and other proximity related searches by executing search engine optimization concepts that are effective and measurable for your local company. We also provide SEO services for eCommerce projects.

Industries we support: real estate, tourism, lawyers, doctors, dentists, professional service, contractors, local stores and small business, bakeries, butchers, grocery stores, gas stations, agencies, Government sector, not for profit, charities, places of worship, sports teams and more.

We offer very effective white hat and clean, up to industry standard, search engine optimization for your website project or online business doing eCommerce. We mix a collection of methods together to get results fast that stay around long term, due to the above board techniques used.

Through keyword research and competitive analysis we can help you roll out the website or website changes you need to deliver content in a way that helps you capture top search engine result page placement, while reducing your bounce rates and converting more efficiently on every click. Website load speeds and other parts of the conversion process are refined.

Basically when a client or reader comes to your website, you have 15 seconds or less to engage them with enough reason to stick around, or they will leave and never come back.

You must have your value propositions front and center and the content delivered in a way that it connects with the end user and makes them have an affinity for your product or service. Often this requires finding a way to relate your business content to the users keyword input or end consumer goals by engaging in that search. By understanding how and why they search for things on the SERPs.

Our biggest development strength is organic search engine optimization through content strategy, leveraging semantic rich keyword research.

Here’s an example of dollars and cents business spending in the right area for a small local business near me in Maple Ridge or other areas of Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley BC Canada such as: Bowen Island, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver and White Rock.

Let’s say you spend $1500 on a magazine ad for your real estate business. Now that ad will get seen by the people who read the magazine, and it will give you klout and bragging rights, but over time the benefit will end.

Now, if you spend $1500 on properly researched and written website content put together with SEO in mind, you can seek to exponentially increase your website lead gathering and conversions by offering more targeted content that Google rewards with click-throughs to the right clients. This website content will be shared around online and organically bring you new contacts from existing clients who pass the information along, and it will snowball into a referral machine if executed correctly.

Search Engine Optimization is a collection of techniques grouped together with incremental changes to study their effects and logged in a format for referencing normalities between strategies. It’s a true test and repeat concept that is learned over time with hands on experience. You can’t learn everything about SEO from an online course or taking a certification program. It takes years to truly master the abstract nature of the art.

Long story short, you will gain the most business benefit from properly executed SEO and proximity optimization, as user experience (UX) comes into play so you can take advantage of the increased traffic.

Contact us today for a phone consultation to discuss your hyper local SEO needs for your business or how to use search engine optimization to streamline your online store for eCommerce success.

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