Social Media

Managing a successful Social Media strategy in an agency format, for a local business owner, or for yourself requires a level of understanding in order to scale your community and capture organic growth.

Broadcasting your sales and talking about yourself rather than with people will make it hard for you to succeed.

Think of social media like a gathering of people around a camp fire. Everyone wants to tell their story and have their thoughts heard, while at the same time they want to learn about you.

You cannot fake quality execution on social media, and buying followers or automating things is a very bad idea.

If gives your customers the impression you don’t care and only want to hear yourself speak about your company and sales.

In our opinion the best approach is one that includes content sharing from across your industry mixed with your business objectives and transparently engaging in business related conversations that are already happening online.

You can trust that your business model will likely have competition, which means there are existing conversations on the internet to take part in. Learning how to listen, ask questions, and respond with caring context will ensure that your audience grows and you build a tribe of loyal customers.

Remember, having 100 followers on Twitter that love and care about your company is infinitely better than having 10,000 followers that are not engaged with your brand whatsoever.

Social Media also overlaps with a number of other elements of internet marketing and content marketing, making this an important area of your business to consider. Customer service can be executed through social media as well.

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