Timing is Everything

Have you ever heard the saying slow to the hole but quick through it?

I live my life using that Philosophy, foresee an opportunity, plan for it, and then execute swiftly on all fronts when the time is right.

Its easy to write a Blog post and send it on Twitter and hope to create an action that drives revenue or awareness.

Its harder to find out which sites related to your topic area receive the most readers and have the most influence.

Using a proxy server you can find out which sites rank the best in your geographic area for specific terms. On top of that look at the community backbone and level of commenting to judge influence and engagement.

Reach out to these sites and send them an offer based on a specific time to execute on all fronts.

When the time comes, the content will go live on their sites and be pushed by many peoples voices and platforms strengthening the authenticity of your messaging points.

A marketing campaign or media push should be looked at holistically, especially if you are paying good money for it. Ensure the correct anchor texts are used and the text copy includes the necessary semantic field content.

Everything is indexed online related to these areas, so the initial content and messaging push will drive traffic in real-time, but the quality of the content will drive traffic ongoing in the future using organic search.

The trick here is to align your partner sites and time it perfectly, most people using Twitter/Facebook are online around lunch time during the week checking updates, this is a great time to make your move.

I like to leak out a piece of pod content on a short URL structure and then centralize the rest of the push to this area.

Unify the influencers in your campaign area(s), time it right, have the right messaging points, ensure the content is strong, and go for it.

You will reap the benefits instantly and ongoing if done correctly.