Website Design

We develop and design world class websites and online stores for eCommerce using the WordPress content management system, along with WooCommerce, which ensures a low cost high value finished product that is scalable, secure, customizable, loads fast, and offers tons of features and guides that are easy to understand for local business owners.

When you work with us we take the time to get to know your project through a phone consultation before we give you a price on the website design, in this way we work within your constraints and needs and can align our development systems with your budget and timelines.

Our agency is based locally here in Maple Ridge BC Canada, we work with local businesses of all types. From doctors, lawyers, dentists, car dealerships, local contractors, tourism companies, real estate agencies, and more.

You name it we have built it, using WordPress and WooCommerce.

The finished product we provide you in terms of a website design developed using WordPress will be fast loading, have great user experience, and ensure a high level of business conversions, example email signups or website registrations.

During our phone consultation you can tell us all about your project and we look forward to building you an on budget website solution that will make your business successful and memorable for all of your local clients here in Maple Ridge or anywhere around the world.

Prices for website designs are totally flexible and 100% based on our phone consultation, we do not set prices in advance as every website is like building a home, and varies widely in execution needs, timeline, and etc.

Our general rule of thumb for design is to keep things simple, clean, functional, easy for the business owner and customers to use and understand, and an end product (website) that any other company or professional can work on in the future. As we follow industry standard processes and leave everything clean.

Contact us at your convenience to discuss your website design needs.