Website Hosting

We offer fully managed scalable secure and encrypted website hosting and backups for our clients in Maple Ridge BC Canada and around the world.

Clients always want the best value for the best price with guaranteed uptime and 24/7 support, that is straight forward.

Our systems ensure that your website hosting needs are taken care of across the board, from SSL certification, custom IP setups, DNS masking, email setup, server logs, analytics, and more.

We make doing business locally in Canada super easy and always secure and fast using our cloud, VPS, and dedicated servers.

When you use our website hosting services you get secure credentials to log into your CPanel and WHM accounts to manage things and have direct access to your core files and backups.

Speaking on the phone for an initial phone consultation will ensure that we understand your website needs and thus can refine your website hosting package.

Generally the majority of our clients want a fully managed website hosting experience, but as stated above clients can also log into their account either using CPanel or WHM.

The most important aspect of a sound website hosting setup for your small business is to ensure backups take place, so if your server or website hosting are compromised for any reason, you can easily upload the backups and get back to running your company.

Contact us today to speak about a custom website hosting package for your local business or online business anywhere around the world. Our prices are very high value.