What I Learned About SEO While Chopping Fire Wood

This past weekend I went to Nanaimo area on Vancouver Island to spend time with my girlfriends family. Her brother just had a baby so we brought him some presents, I think he will like the jolly jumper when he gets old enough to use it. On Saturday we went down to a local lumber yard and found some logs that we sawed into blocks using a chainsaw. We then proceeded to use axes to chop them into easy to use sizes of firewood. During this experience I learned a few things about SEO and left smelling like yellow cedar.

1) The Saturday that we went to the lumber yard it was very sunny, unlike the day before and after when it was raining. This made me think of taking advantage of the right opportunity to drive SEO rankings. Plan for the optimal time to launch content and build inbound links, doing it too early may allow for others to reverse engineer what you are doing and capture the busiest searching days and doing it to late will make you lose business. A good example of this is launching superbowl or WSOP content on the right days, if you are submitted in Google News this counts even more as you will show up on the SERP for only a few hours. Timing is everything.

2) Understanding how to cut the wood so as not to use very much energy and do it efficiently. Cutting from the edge to the middle rather then off center. If you chop a piece of firewood off center from angling towards the middle it will take a lot more chops and may not even work. Once you chop precisely it usually splits in one chop. Kind of like researching the correct keywords to use for your content. You may have targeted something that is unreachable in the amount of time you need results, so go for a number of long-tail keywords instead. Knowing what and why you are targeting a certain keyword string is more important then the content itself. Using semantic field content will also help this, kind of like a full swing follow through while chopping wood.

3) Chopping wood takes time and patience. You have to pace yourself. Kind of like a good SEO strategy, have a 3, 6, 9, and 12 month plan and outline the steps to get there. Obviously the SEO playing field changes daily and you should be on top of those changes, but have a rough idea outlined on what you are doing. Dont burn out quickly by working hard on the wrong areas. No one ever built a great house without a blueprint.

4) Stack your firewood well in the back of the truck, this will allow you to carry more and make less trips. This made me think of user experience and the conversion funnel. Top rankings are important but if you have a high bounce rate and do not up-sell across the sales funnel the customer could lose out on beneficial products. Leaving you with less money to walk away with and having to do more work for the same money.

5) Finding the right logs to cut ensures that you get the best firewood. Dry firewood burns best and keeps your chimney from getting too much moisture in it which leads to rust and mold. Sort of like finding the right places to do link-building. Understand the property and its value to your overall ranking. If you are doing local SEO consider the top-level-domain and reviews for the site before seeking placement. Use tools to study the inbound links to these sites. Do not always be concerned with anchor text so much as the contents correlation to the link you are seeking. Make it look natural. Always best to have it in the content body.