What is a Tweetup?

Most people who use Twitter understand what a Tweetup is.

A gathering of people with similar interests who use Twitter, at a specified location and time, sometimes to raise awareness in a cause but not always

A Tweetup is a place to put a real world face behind a Twitter @username and build connections in the physical world. Twitter is a great ice breaker and platform to communicate Media, but there is more to Twitter then just online connections. I have met some of the best friends I have in my life currently through Twitter. Surprising and spontaneous business proposals come through these connections.

Businesses can benefit from Tweetups if they invite the correct people and get the word out through people with influence or perceived influence (big thanks to the Social score board on the Twitter profile)!

People who use Twitter are generally reasonably affluent and Tech savvy, so businesses should at least try and host a Tweetup once to see what kind of outcome it has.

Things that make Tweetups memorable:

– Good food and drinks
– Nice music that isn’t too loud and allows for conversation
– Outgoing staff (at the Venue) and plenty of places to sit and be comfortable
– A speech from the host business or organizer thanking everyone for coming
– A website (landing page) setup for the Tweetup where people can RSVP and spread the word
– Follow up pictures/videos showcasing the attendees and allowing comments
– Door prizes or games to play in a group
– A unique hashtag to add context to the conversation before and after

If you would like to organize a Tweetup please do not hesitate to contact me directly at adrian (at) adrianeden.com and we can go over the details and goals of the Tweetup together. There is SEO value and tons of business connections to be had from correctly organizing a Tweetup. Be prepared and reap the benefits for everyone involved.